Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is the light of Christ. As also he is in the sun and the light of the sun, 
and the power thereof by which it was made.


  1. What a perfect one for April 6! I had a thought during Elder Andersen's talk on Sunday: "As sure as the sun rises, I know that Jesus is the Christ" (or something like that) that the daily sunrise is a testimony on earth of the living Christ, the Sun who rises for us.

  2. I was thinking on Easter--HE IS RISEN. And so we can rise from death, but also from all sin and pain. HE IS RISEN.

  3. "...[H]e is...the power by which [the sun] was made..." In literal terms, this makes me think of Christ as a fusion reaction. Which is nice, in a way, as such a reaction is the most powerful and unlimited source of energy one can imagine. Fundamental too in its creation of all larger elements from the most basic atomic units, hydrogen and helium. Without fusion/Christ there would be no carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus or any of the other 112 or so elements that make life and our world possible.

    Hope you don't mind a stranger popping in with comments. I certainly mean no disrespect. Just thought I'd try to unpack some of the meaning from a perspective I feel I understand best, physics and chemistry, etc. etc.

    Last thought: Christ as a fusion reactor also kind of reminds me of that George Washington flash vid that was popular on the Internet a while back. "Twelve stories tall made of radiation..." :)

  4. david...brilliant. i love that. thanks for your perspective....i think science can add so much to faith.