Monday, March 15, 2010

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Spirograph

Thank you so much for participating in our first giveaway. It made us feel happy and hopeful. selected Jen as our winner. That is, the Jen who wrote: "this has never been my favorite hymn, but i love this print. pick me! pick me!" Perhaps the hymn will grow on her.

It may warm your heart, as it did ours, to hear that a kind and generous Hopefully Mormon friend volunteered to pay for another spirograph to send off to Andrea, who left this comment:

"Oh, please, I would love this. I heard this story given by one of the GA's about a little disabled girl who couldn't speak but could signal through blinking what her favorite song was, and they came to this one, especially the verse, "There is music in my soul to day, a carol to my King, and Jesus listening can hear, the songs I cannot sing." My son is severely disabled, blind, non-communicative, and makes no purposeful movements. When I hear this song, I cry, because I think of all the songs he cannot sing. I would love to put this in his room."

So Jen and Andrea, please e-mail your full names and shipping info to hopefullymormon at gmail dot com and we will make arrangements with Jot and Tittle post haste.

Thanks again.


  1. My Stake just had a youth service retreat, March 11 - 14. The highlight was the last day when we hosted a Family Carnival for families with children with disabilities. We had a fireside for the youth on Friday night featuring the Erickson family. This is the family of the little disabled girl, Heather. Heather's story is briefly told in the June 1988 Ensign, Mormon Journal. The Ericksons have a web site with more detail ( Janice Kapp Perry wrote a song for Heather following the Ensign articles publication and later provided the music for a song their son Mark wrote entitled "Tell Me Why." One of our Stake YW leaders sang Marks song with him at the fireside. I can't describe how powerfully the Spirit was felt. I've only experienced it stronger in the temple. May Andrea be blessed by God for her service to her son.

  2. I'm in tears...thank you so much!