Monday, March 29, 2010

Share a Spring Reason

In my neighborhood, I know it's finally spring because the greenery of the bulbs are just beginning to peek through. I think we may have daffodils this week.

For me, this time of year is a constant object lesson in rebirth and resurrection. Holy Week and Passover call my attention to our singular Mormon beliefs and remind me of the differences and similarities we share with our Christian and Jewish friends. And I look forward to spring General Conference because there are always several Christ-centered talks that help me reflect more deeply on His atonement.

What does this season mean for you? How does it affirm or expand your testimony?

Share it with us. Take a moment today to draw a sketch, take a picture, share a quote or scripture... and share the hope you're feeling this season.

1 comment:

  1. Hope. I have a hard time with cold weather, so whever I see little bulbs coming up and everything starting to turn green it reminds me that there is always hope in my life and reaffirms my testimony of it.

    It also reinforces my knowledge that Heavenly Father wants us to have beautiful things and be surrounded with his wonderful creation.