Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every so often we'll be posting something that has caught our attention that is both hopeful and Mormon. Feel free to send along articles, blog posts, or personal stories that you feel are hopeful and Mormon, if you like, to hopefullymormon at gmail dot com.

I ran into this article via the Segullah footnotes and have been thinking about it for a week. The NPR report is a collection of personal interviews about the affects of the housing crisis in California, where foreclosures and upside-down mortgages are commonplace. The Mormon part is a couple named William and Laura Betts who paid off their 20 year mortgage in 2005. I think the hopeful part is not that the Betts are financially superior in some way, but that they humbly credit their faith for their financial freedom. And their example that small but steady effort pays off.

It also reminds me of this talk by President Hinckley, particularly the last few paragraphs when he mentions President Faust.

Thanks, William and Laura Betts, for a hopeful story in the middle of a situation that seems hopeless.

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  1. My parents had an experience like that--right around the time of President Hinckley's talk, my dad changed jobs and received a big severance package. They thought about investing the money, but with that talk decided instead to pay off their mortgage. Soon after, the stocks they would have invested in collapsed, and they were glad they followed the prophet!